Day Nineteen: Editing and Texts

Quickly spliced together clips from a few hours spent combining text, sound and image today. I may be working the rhythm of this video for the remainder of my time on the residency. Testing and retesting within and away from the space. Some shots will be dropped or added, sound cut, titles reconsidered. I need to be sure that these animated shots ‘work’ or provide texture before rendering them as sequences. So, these wire views give some indication in advance of the final edit. Today the entire looping arrangement runs just over five minutes, but that’s likely to change. There are four texts that the subtitling is drawn and adapted from. Canto XXIII from the Inferno; Cinema and Painting by A. Dalle Vacche; Dante, Cinema and Television by A. Iannucci; The Ignorant Schoolmaster by J. Ranciere.

In the morning, I visited the F.E. McWilliam Gallery and seen Paddy Bloomer’s kinetic sculpture ‘Coriolis,’ located on the grounds, for the Sky Arts Landmark competition. Inside, Graham Gingles survey exhibition ‘The Theatre of Secrets’ is on display – curated by Brian McAvera, Riann Coulter and Feargal O’Malley. It runs until the 19th of February 2022.