Context and Beginning

Ab Aeterno, refers to a line within the short story by Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel. The line being: “The Library exists ab aeterno. This truth, whose immediate corollary is the future eternity of the world, cannot be placed in doubt by any reasonable mind.” The term translates as 'from eternity,' or 'from an infinitely remote point in the past.'

During January 2021 I spent a few days in a photography studio making digital photographs of physical books. The broad objective was to show and exhbit the quality and expert craftsmanship of the printed physical objects. The pages of glossed papers, the fine binding, the luminosity of the printed photographs and illustrations. The books were largely compendiums of photographs, some painting and sculpture, several anthologies of essays.

During the weeks ahead and continuing a process started during December 2021, I will be recreating the photo studio that I worked in and (approximately) documenting the process here with small amounts of text, images and video.