Finding a Way to Make it Work

I have today made an application / an .app / a simulation that runs in real-time. I am ecstatic. Is it everything I wanted? No. Are the frame rates occasionally slow? Yes, but it depends on the hardware the packaged application is running on. There are a few more things to refine before this work could be displayed. Although these are primarily related to the dull subject of ‘optimisation.’ I’ve made it possible for the simulation to be down-scaled depending on the hardware – but this is not ideal. The work was created to be displayed in a particular ‘finalised’ state. Lowering resolution or geometry complexity isn’t particularly useful beyond the testing environment.

The video clips presented here are, of course, editied previews. The simulation runs at an unhurried pace, individual shots are of a longer duration.

The text displayed in the subtitles of this work is, for the most part, condensed ‘affirmations’ derived from marketing material publicly available online from two companies. Something interesting happens when I extract these words from their banal, PDF origins and place them in this context. Strip out context, and anything can mean anything? Perhaps. If I erode all the qualities that contribute to making a thing a thing – is it still that? If I frame a subject using this technological visual language, what happens to the subject? Marketing, positioning, real estate in real time and the necessary patsies. Photo Studio / Ab Aeterno.

Definitions of ecstatic seem to vary.